John Grant High School

It is mandatory for all students at John Grant High School to wear the school uniform, appropriate clothing and appearance.  The uniform must be worn the whole school day, during all outings and field trips unless otherwise specified by the school administration.

Uniform garments must be purchased from the school's official supplier.  Fitting sessions are scheduled annually to provide parents the opportunity to have your child fitted and to complete the ordering of uniform garments.

The John Grant school uniform consists of a JGHS crested top and solid black bottoms.

Clothing Item



Students must wear the uniform top: a navy blue t-shirt or polo shirt with the JGHS crest. A plain black or white or navy blue t-shirt may be worn underneath the uniform top for students who wish. The navy blue jacket with the John Grant crest embroidered may be worn over the uniform top for students who wish to have an extra layer. No other over-layer is permitted.


Students must wear solid black bottoms consisting of pants (dress pants, Dickies, jogging pants) or shorts/skirt/skort (minimum length 3 inches above the knee – or longer). Students may wear solid black leggings, yoga-style pants, tights or nylons beneath their pants or skirts for additional warmth and comfort, but these must not be worn alone.


Shoes should be athletic and must be closed-toed and must have non-marking soles and make full contact with the floor (no heels). Boots should be reserved for outdoor use.


The John Grant Physical Education Uniform consists of:

Junior students (CASP, MAP) must wear the white uniform t-shirt while senior students (DEFIS, WOTP, APP) must wear the black uniform t-shirt. Students may choose between the athletic shorts or pants with the John Grant logo. Students must wear athletic shoes while in the gym.

Both the school uniform and physical education uniform must be kept clean and in good repair. Students cannot wear tops or bottoms with rips or stains, whether these are deliberate or unintentional, they must be repaired or replaced.

The school uniform top and physical education uniform are available from
Huss Sports Ltee. 21 Crestwood Ave, Montreal West, Qc H4X 1N3 Tel: (514) 489-7767 Website:

An order form is available at the main office on demand. Uniform pieces are delivered to the school at no charge for convenience.

The following items are not permitted to be worn inside the building:

  • Non-school uniform sweaters, outdoor jackets or coats.
  • Hoodies with the hood up.
  • Substitutes like jeans or leggings.
  • Excessive make-up or nail polish.
  • Caps, bandanas, or any headgear.

The following items must be stored in the student's locker:

  • Outdoor jackets or coats
  • Headbands, caps, bandanas or any headgear.
  • School bags, messenger bags or purses
  • Sunglasses
  • Wallet chains
  • iPods / MP3 players / cellphones