Meetings and Workshops for Parents

John Grant High School

Throughout the year, parents are invited to participate in workshops to promote lifelong learning.  Workshops can range in topic from "Navigating Mosaik Parent Portal" to "Understanding the TEVA Process" to "Employment Opportunities for Adults with Special Needs" to "A Parent's Guide to Internet Safety" and more. 

 As well, parents are invited and encouraged to attend meetings and events for items such as: 

  • Curriculum night in early September where parents meet their child's teachers and learn about the programs and activities planned 
  • Family BBQ and Holiday luncheons where the whole community celebrates the start and end of the school year and a wonderful holiday luncheon and party in December. 
  • Individual Education Plan Meetings where parents are asked to collaborate actively in the development of goals and objectives for students 
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences where parents and teachers come together to discuss progress and challenges and make plans to best support and encourage student growth 
  • Concerts and Vernissages where students can showcase their performances and artistic talents
  • Awards ceremonies and Graduation ceremony to honour student achievement and recognize excellence
  • And more!