John Grant High School

Special Education Technicians

Special Education Technicians work with a multidisciplinary team to apply special education techniques and methods in keeping with an individualized education plan intended for students with handicaps or students with social maladjustments or learning difficulties or in keeping with a program designed for students requiring specific support. The special education technician prepares, organizes and conducts educational or pedagogical support activities as well as cultural, recreational and sports activities designed to develop social, cognitive, and communication skills.

Attendants (for Handicapped Pupils)

Attendants work with a multidisciplinary team to apply programs developed by and with teachers, special education technicians and consultants. They spend time with students to build trusting relationships and assist students to participate in academic, social and recreational pursuits. In addition, they provide supervision and assistance with any tasks related to safety, hygiene, travel or autonomy.

Professional Tutor

Our school has a tutor on staff who works with students who need additional time and support in learning their subjects. Oftentimes the tutor will work in classes as a support to advance learning or provide remedial support for a student who is having difficulty. The tutor also helps animate activities with groups of students in collaboration with the classroom teacher to make learning accessible.


The librarian delivers direct services to students by reading books, helping students select and check out books and maintaining the school's collection with exciting selections for students. Each month, our school librarian curates a collection of books complementary to our school theme. Some of these books remain on display for library visits, some can be borrowed locally, others are available online and still others are selected by teachers and our librarian to be read in class.

The librarian is available to students on average one day per week.

Youth to Adult Transition - TEVA Consultant

Our TEVA consultant helps ensure a smooth transition by guiding and supporting students and their families through the challenges of transitioning from the youth sector to adult life. Additionally, the consultant works in collaboration with the Health Sector and community organizations in order to facilitate access to services and maintain a collaborative relationship with the students and their family. The TEVA consultant also works closely with various professionals from the Student Services Department as well as the school team to facilitate the transition of the students with special needs.

TEVA planning takes place typically three years before students are expected to leave our school. Working with a team that includes parents, teachers and specialists. Each student leaves John Grant with a plan to help them transition to adult life.

The TEVA Consultant is available to students as often as needed, by request.

School Nurse

The primary concern of the nurse who intervenes in school is the health of the students.  They are involved in promoting health, preventing and protecting health, as well as maintaining and restoring health. The nurse is actively involved with school staff in the development of the individualized emergency health plan when required, and provides the necessary training to school staff (caregivers) to provide care. 

Additionally, as part of the provincial vaccination program or during a specific vaccination campaign, the nurse oversees and organizes the vaccination sessions with the collaboration of school administration. The school nurse will also, in the case of complex/chronic health issues, collaborate with the administration and staff to plan an adequate intervention. 

Our school nurse is available once a week throughout the school year. 

Social Worker

The school social worker works in collaboration with the school teams as they orient their intervention on the social functioning of the students. In order to support the development of the child, the social worker is in continual collaboration with the parents, the family, the school and any other organization that revolves around this child. They will also provide services to students who are experiencing difficulties within their environment that have an impact on their ability to function in school. The school social worker also works in other settings such as the CLSC and homes.  The social worker is an essential partner in accessing post-secondary services, and collaborates in the development of the TEVA transition plan.