Specialty Areas

John Grant High School

Maker Space

Our super creative maker space is a spacious, well-lit and inviting room for a whole range of arts and crafts!

Sensory Space

Our sensory space is a safe and tranquil area for our students to work, relax, recalibrate or take some time away from the classroom time when necessary.

Chill and Chat Lounge

 Located on the third floor, the Chill and Chat lounge is the perfect place to hang out with friends.  

With comfy seating and a foosball table, this sunny space next to our greenhouse makes a great spot for our senior students to relax during lunch or recess. 

During class time this space can be used for small group work or one-to-one tutoring.  

Fitness Center

John Grant has a fitness center with weight training equipment, stationary bicycles, treadmills and a boxing area. 

The area is open to all students during lunchtime or before school as part of our extracurricular activites. 


Pet Care

John Grant has become home to a variety of small animals, birds and fish.

Guinea pigs and hedgehogs, parrots and budgies all need care and feeding and most of all love. Student's learn proper techniques for handling and caring for our animals. As well, students can take a break and come and cuddle with the animals if they are having a rough day. 

"The Tank' houses our assorted tropical fish and other aquatic creatures. Students can curl up with a book in the reading nook beside it and enjoying the calming effect of our aquarium. 


Our brand new, state of the art auditorium is the perfect venue for assemblies, productions, social events and school governance events is undergoing a complete renovation. 

Work will be completed this summer and we look forward to holding many events starting in September. 

School Beehive

What have you eaten today? Chances are at least part of what was on your plate exists thanks to bees – and we’re not just talking honey. Pollinators are responsible for about a third of all the food humans consume. 

Urban beekeeping encourages people to think about planting pollinator-friendly plants and flowers and expand their view of the environment, taking into account all the tiny creatures with whom we share our world. The docile Italian bees that we use at Alvéole are excellent ambassadors. 

Located on the roof of our building, our hive is managed and cared for by the team at Alvéole. 

Students benefit from hands-on workshops with our beekeepers and our school sells our unique brand of honey. 

Learn more by visiting the link to our hive: 

Learn More About Our School Beehive

Home Economics Area

Classes can practice their life skills in our home economic area. There are 4 fully equipped test kitchens as well as laundry area.