Student Life

Extra-Curricular Activities:

Intramural sports program, yoga classes, dance classes, steel pan instruction, basketball team and boxing instruction, writing club and nail salon.

Family and Community Events:

Welcome Back BBQ, End-of-Year BBQ, Activity Day, Holiday Luncheon and Science Fair.

Fundraising Activities

Terry Fox Walk, Haunted House for UNICEF, Dress Down Days for various charities , Bagel-O-Thon, Holiday Baskets and Raffle.

Arts and Music Festivals:

Spring Concert, School Art Projects (i.e. murals), Drumming Around the World, Author Workshop and Mosaic Project

School Community Events:

Employer Appreciation Luncheon and Transition Fair.

Fitness Room and Gym Activities:

Looking for a way to stay in shape over the winter? Come and join us at the fitness room in the morning and the gym at lunch. Learn new skills like boxing or kickboxing, run on the treadmill, lift weights or just have fun playing basketball with friends. These activities are free and open to everyone. Get fit and have fun!