Our Mission:

John Grant High School is oriented towards success for every student. We believe that every student can learn, and as such we provide learning environments that are tailored to individual students’ needs, focusing on independence, work skills, literacy and a modified academic program.

At John Grant High School, we promote uniqueness while discovering the similarities that exist amongst our multi-ethnic and multi-cultural student body. We believe that each individual must be respected and encouraged to reach his or her highest potential. We strive towards creating a safe environment, free from verbal and physical violence, and cyber bullying. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where personal growth and expression are encouraged.

Students participate in programs that link them to the community through partnerships with businesses and other local institutions. Through the pursuit of the above ideals, we believe John Grant High School graduates can be independent, proud, and respected members of their communities.

Our School Community:

John Grant High School is a special needs high school situated in the borough of Côte St-Luc. Students travel to school by city or school bus, or are dropped of by parents. Our school services students from within the entire English Montreal School Board territory, as well as other boards both on and off the island of Montreal.

John Grant has a diverse, multi-cultural student body. Elementary schools refer students who demonstrate significant academic delays at the end of Cycle 3. The high school sector also refers students who experience significant academic and/or developmental delays. Students enter John Grant through a case conference whereby a team of professionals review the referral. The profile of a typical student at John Grant is that of an individual with intellectual impairments and/or learning difficulties, functioning at an elementary grade level. Incoming students typically have difficulties with reading and writing; therefore our school has integrated a literacy program that has shown positive results.

All students attending our school follow an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Many of our students can continue to study until the age of 21 due to their special education status.

M.E.S.A. & Success Plan

Program Standards & Procedures